Ambush !

1430, August 27th 

The Cardinal Baudoin -bishop of Saint Gérôme- was traveling to Saint André in order to raise the tithe. Protected by an important guard, he was admiring the landscape through the curtains of his litter.  However his peaceful trip stopped brutally: an arrow killed one of his men at arms. An ambush !

The cardinal was astonished. Who could gather a sufficient army enable to fight with his numerous guard ? In the chaos of fight, his litter started to move. He understood rapidly the confidence trick: this attack was just a diversion, that enable the traitors carrying the litter to flee away with their precious prisoner…

What will happen to him now ? Only God might know it…

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Fief: Lords and attendants

  » Hear ye! Hear ye, Ladies and Lords! Let me count you the story of Arthur the Ugly, who had to pay a dowry to find a Ladies for marrying. Or you may prefer hearing the adventures of Blanche the Cunning who succeeded in taking an impregnable castle.
I can count you a lot of stories from numerous lands: the François the Extravagant’s feasts which offered in a day more foods and drinks needed for more than one week; the cruel Henry who liked to torture his prisoner before killing them; or also the misfortune of Mireille the cursed who attracted storms, famine and plague wherever she was!

My name is Jauffré, the most famous minstrel of the kingdom. With me, you will never get bored ! »


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Fief: The Knights Templar Order

« Brethren, I summoned you  because times are tough. During a long time we have fought in Holy Land for the glory of God, protected the Christ’s sepulcher and helped many lords during their crusades. However today  the King wants to forbid our Order and take our riches. I am using my influence on his Holiness Pope in order to protect our Order. But we must be prepared for any eventuality.  That is why we are gathered here. In the deepest secrecy we must hide our greatest treasures.  They have to be protected from a possible pillaging of our commanderies.

If this does happen, be sure that our opponents will have to answer for their crimes in front of God. I promise it ! »

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