In Fief you have to manage a family in Middle Age. Make it grow by welcoming new members and make it rich by controlling new villages and building mills. Extend you influence inside the Church by placing some of your male lords as bishop, cardinal or even Pope! Recruit armies to defend your lands and claim new ones. Gather your villages in fief in order to appoint barons, counts, and dukes. One day, one of them might even become King of France!
However, if you think that the brute strength will be sufficient to reach your goals, you will fail. That’s your diplomatic abilities that will be the most useful. Sow the seeds of discord between your opponents, make deals with the other families, respect or trample it according to your interests. You can also marry one of your lord to the lord of another player in order to seal your destinies and win together!
Possibilities are numerous; Freedom is total. It is up to you to make your family enter the history of the French Middle Age!

Fief is a strategic and diplomatic game for 3 to 6 players, from 14 years old.