Bruges, 1452

You are a wealthy bourgeois controlling a prestigious neighborhood of the city. You establish craftsmen, who produce lace, luxury clothes and jewelry. Will you sell those items for a good price inside the town central market, or would you rather export them through the city harbors? You will also be able to hire builders and architects to build the most beautiful and prestigious bridges above the canals of the « Venice of the North ».

Each turn in La Venise du Nord, players throw two dice; one will be used to move the bourgeois pawn, the other to activate the tile he ends his movement on. The modular board ensures replayability and allows for fast play, while requiring players to plan ahead and make good choices. Three different commodities can produce three different goods, each having prices that change depending on supply and demand. Buying and selling at the best times and understanding the other players’ interests will be the key. Of course, each tile allows a different power, making cautious planning mandatory!

La Venise du Nord is a game for 2 to 4 players. Ages: 12+.