Will you launch crusades in order to conquest the Holy Land? Will you join the order of the Templers or the order of the Teutonic knights? Building bombards, hiring mercenaries or employing loyal servants… many possibilities but only one goal: Victory.

The thematic Fief Expansion box adds 5 expansions. Each of them provides additional contents for the different aspect of the game. You will boost the prosperity of your family by joining the Templars. If you want to add more tactics during fights, you may use the Tactic and/or Teutonic Knights expansions. Do you want to enforce the Role-play of Fief? The Politic expansion gives attributes to lords and attendants to families. Last but not least the Crusades expansion shows the way to the Holy Land, where your family may find richness and titles.

Fief is a strategic and diplomatic game for 3 to 6 players, from 14 years old.