1430, August 27th 

The Cardinal Baudoin -bishop of Saint Gérôme- was traveling to Saint André in order to raise the tithe. Protected by an important guard, he was admiring the landscape through the curtains of his litter.  However his peaceful trip stopped brutally: an arrow killed one of his men at arms. An ambush !

The cardinal was astonished. Who could gather a sufficient army enable to fight with his numerous guard ? In the chaos of fight, his litter started to move. He understood rapidly the confidence trick: this attack was just a diversion, that enable the traitors carrying the litter to flee away with their precious prisoner…

What will happen to him now ? Only God might know it…


Thanks to the KICKSTARTER campaign, the FIEF box will contain an additional fortune card: Ambush !

This is an opportunity card that allows a player who has at least one of his Lord in a battle to capture another Lord engaged in the same battle.

Useful as protection, this card is redoubtable to stop a dangerous battle (Note: a battle ends when the attacking player has no more Lord engaged in the battle).

Used for attacking, this card enable the player to capture easily an opponent’s Lord in order to receive later a ransom…


Hopefully shall our containers not be victims of an ambush ! To know where they are currently sailing, click on the following button :

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