As we have already said, we are working on Mare Nostrum – Empires but it will not be possible to ship the game in November. We are doing our best in order to be able to ship games to Europe at the beginning of January. ASYNCRON’s goal is to have the game for the International Games Festival in Cannes. To let you know how is going our work, here is some information about the Mare Nostrum final box.

1. Translations

All our partners are translating the first files. We will send them the other files in order to end quickly the translation step.

2. BoardGamesGeek Heroes/wonders pack

As said on the Kickstarter, you can send to Uwe your ideas about new heroes, wonders or mythological creatures which could be included in the Heroes/wonders pack for BoardGamesGeek.

Below you may see the final arts of some Heroes and Wonders tiles. You can see the special ability icons which will be helpful to memorize the heroe/wonder’s ability:


3. The back of the box

The English Mare Nostrum box files are now ready. Here you can see the back of the box (the Miniatures Art will be updated within the next days):


4. Miniatures Arts

Here are 3 short videos to show you the Minatures 3D Mold Makers art (WiP). The final art will be sent to the mold makers by the end of october.
The Roman Legion:

The Trireme:

The Barbarian Legion for the 2 players mode (Atlas Expansion Box):

Concerning the building we are waiting for the videos of the miniatures arts.

 5. Player Screen

You may have already seen them but here are the players’ screens final arts. Note that behind each screen, you will have an image of the map with the setup of your civilization (Provinces, buildings and resources).


 6. Leadership Track Board

Today you can also see the final arts of the Leadership Track Board. Markers will be easier to manipulate. Players will see also better the players’ influence in each category.


7. The Dice


8. Read the English rules

If you want to have a look on the English Rules, they are on the Academy Games’ website. Please note that not all of the arts in the rules book are final!

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From now, we will share regularly updates in order to keep you informed of the work done or to be done. Thank you for your support in Mare Nostrum !

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