End of March ASYNCRON games went to Tric Trac’s -famous French games website- office in order to make a video about our next game: Mare Nostrum…

Olivier from ASYNCRON games, Serge Laget, Monsieur Guillaume from Tric Trac and two guests- one from Luxembourg and the other one from Paris, were present to show you how the game is working.



Nevertheless the celebrity of this day was Serge Laget, Mare Nostrum’s designer. It was his first time in the Tric Trac’s studio.



Of course the other celebrity of this day was Mare Nostrum since the aim of this day was to explain the rules of this strategic game, show the differences from the previous version, and last but not least play an entire game in order to give you the opportunity to catch the different aspects of the game-play.


We will try to translate these videos in English in order that everyone will be able to understand what it is about. If it works, these videos will be additional bonuses of existing stretch goals.


(Caution spoiler !):

Whatever they have planned and tried, Serge and Olivier did not succeed in winning the game… Not sure it will happen again !



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