The launch of Mare Nostrum’s Kickstarter campaign has been postponed because we are waiting for our video presentation. However, we will be tomorrow at Tric Trac’s officine in order to make a video for Mare Nostrum…

Tomorrow ASYNCRON games team and Serge Laget will be in the office of Tric Trac, indeed. We will first explain the rules of the new version of Mare Nostrum and then we will show through a game the aspects of this strategic game designed by Serge Laget.
Today, we want also to reveal a new art from the new version of Mare Nostrum: The Colossus.

Formerly the colossus was the symbol of the city of Rhodes. This wonder was a wood/bronze/and even stone masterpiece. In Mare Nostrum, the magnificence of the Colossus allows the player to take an additional good, according to his discretion. Therefore it’s a powerful help to make huge combinations.
For French reader, you can also find an article from another famous French games website: Ludovox.
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