The launching of the Mare Nostrum’s Kickstarter has been postponed to May the 22th. Today, let’s have a look at the legendary cities

In Mare Nostrum, there are 3 legendary cities: Troy, Syracuse and Jerusalem.
When you build a city on a legendary place, this city collects one tax and a good token from the legendary supply (composed of one token of each good).
No matter your strategy, a legendary city shall help you. Of course it will be needed to win with the Capitals and Legendary Cities victory condition. But thanks to the additional good, you may buy easily heroes. Moreover, as this good is face down, you may take benefits from the surprise to build the pyramids and win. You might think that a legendary city is not useful for the title victory. That’s not true as it helps you to get influence for the political leader’s title, which is may be the hardest to get.

These 3 legendary cities are also the origin of the development of 3 expansions. Each expansion proposes new heroes as well as Event cards. This cards –with specific powers- are rewards when you reach some objectives.
Each expansion is focused on an aspect of the game. Troy – city of the most famous antic siege – is focused on the military aspect of the game while Syracuse helps to develop your economy. The expansion Jerusalem – the three-times-holy city – will allow you to summon gods to help you.

How does it work?

There are 3 different objectives for each expansion. The first player who achieves one of them gets 1 to 5 Event cards. Then he chooses one and gives the other to another player that will do so. Event cards may be used at any time to get temporary bonuses.
Let’s give an example. One of the objectives is to be the first player to have 5 provinces with at least one military unit in each. Achieving this objective permits the player to draw Event cards. One of them could be the War Elephants:


Can be played only during a land battle. The results of your legions’ dice are systematically 5 (automatic hit).

Thanks to the legendary cities or to the expansions, your strategic opportunities will be numerous. But do not forget your goal: make your empire the most powerful one of the Mediterranean basin.

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