One week left before launching the Kickstarter campaign of Mare Nostrum! Today we will speak further about the strategies linked to Heroes and Wonders.

We have already said in a previous news that the victory condition is to get 5 Heroes and Wonders and no more 4. Moreover the cost of Heroes and wonders has changed. It is no more constant but depends on the number of H&W that you have already purchased. The first one – the starting Hero – cost in theory a combination of 6 resources (6 different goods or 6 taxes). The second one costs 7, then 8, 9 for the fourth hero and the last one, which gives you the victory, costs 10 resources.


These changes permitted to balance the victory conditions together but they also bring new possibilities in Mare Nostrum. Indeed, buy heroes and wonders are not only useful to win thanks to H&W victory condition. They may bring you influences for titles (Trade Master, Political Leader, and Military Leader) or serve your interests thanks to their specific capabilities. The progressive cost allows players who would not focus their strategy on economy to buy easily a hero or wonder.
For instance, the Greek player has focused is strategy on military forces. He may buy the Queen of Saba, for only 7 resources that will help him to convert faster strategic provinces.


When you convert with one of your legion, you may remove it to replace immediate the opponent’s Influence marker by one of yours.

Progressive cost of H&W is even so convenient that you may often buy a third hero even if you don’t want to win thanks to H&W. If we go back to the Greek’s example, the Statue of Zeus would complete efficiently the effects of Pericles and the Queen of Saba.


The player may proclaim peace between himself and one opponent – cannot be the same 2 rounds in a row. Being in peace involves not to attack and to evacuate immediately opponent’s provinces.

So, the round after the conversion, the Greek will be able to proclaim peace with his opponent. He will so have 2 rounds to build again a dissuasive army. It will be then difficult for the opponent to take back the province from the terrible Greek phalanges, trained by Pericles!
So here is an example of the multiple optimizations of your Heroes and Wonders.  See you soon !

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