Arts of the five Mare Nostrum’s starting heroes have been presented as well as a short description of their effect on their civilization. Today the new game board of Serge LAGET’s game will be presented.


Here you can see your future 2015 playground.

From the south of the Alps to the Red See, from the Scythian Caucasia to Numidia, including the isles of Crete and Sicily : possibilities are numerous and may match your ambitions. Unfortunately your are not the only one to surround the Mediterranean see. You will have to make good decisions at the good time if you want to win.

Besides the capital of each empire, you can note the presence of 3 new cities : the legendary cities. These cities – in addition to the taxes that they collect- allow you to draw randomly a resource from the legendary cities’ deck. Therefore Troy, Syracuse and Jerusalem will be a significant part of your strategy or opponent’s strategy !

Now we let you observing the new game board of MARE NOSTRUM.

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