The outsized prototype of Mare Nostrum met with success during the International Games Exhibition of Cannes. Therefore the organizers of Avignon and Montpellier games festivals asked us for having this prototype during their own festivals. Here you will find some feedback of these two events…

The outsized prototype of Mare Nostrum has so travelled a lot. After Cannes, it has been displayed in Avignon and Montpellier. Serge Laget -the designer- was also present in Avignon.


Feedbacks are very positive. During these two events the game met with a great success. Players have succeeded each other without any break.


Hosts and players enjoyed playing the outsized prototype with its material.

Mare nostrum Montpellier

We are very happy to get such feedbacks. We would like to thank the organizers of these two events for having hosted Mare Nostrum.

Here is the facebook page of Mare Nostrum:

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