Mare Nostrum’s Kickstarter campaign comes soon. It gives the occasion to remind you the changes and news about the victory conditions.

Serge Laget has already published 5 articles about Mare Nostrum in the French games website Tric Trac. In one of them, he has listed differences between the previous version and the new one. Today the different victory conditions will be addressed.
In the new edition, 4 ways to win are possible:

  • Thanks to the construction of the pyramids -a combination of 12 different goods or 12 taxes.
  • When a player buy his fifth hero –a next news will deals further with heroes.
  • Controlling 4 capitals and/or legendary cities at the end of the Military Phase.
  • At the end of the Claiming phase, a player has got the 3 titles (Master of trade, Political Leader, Military Leader)

The two last victory conditions are specific to the new edition.
Now a warlike player may win by controlling 4 capitals and/or legendary cities. Controlling means having it under your influence (the province is owned by the player) or occupying the cities –that’s to say having a legion on it.
Secondly titles will be not only useful to decide who is playing when. If you gather the 3 titles, the victory is yours! It is not an easy task, but heroes may help you. The most obvious is Hercules as he gives you two extra-points for each title.

To conclude the increase of victory’s possibilities has two main consequences: it multiplies the strategic choices as well while decreasing the time of a game. Indeed, the succession of round will inexorably leads to the victory of one player –even if turnaround are frequent.

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